Online branding

Need a strong online brand to drive audience development? Credibility in   the marketplace?

Simcol’s comprehensive online branding service gives small and mid-sized businesses the opportunity to compete and win in the marketplace. As experts in story creation, we create your brand identity to convey a positive and compelling message to your audience.Our branding program includes brand identity, messaging, web copy, social media design, e-mail design; web site design and development.

No company can last these days without a strong brand image, this is why the cornerstone of any online marketing campaign rests largely upon having the best branding possible.


While other agencies will just put some pretty colors next to a nice image and call it branding, Simcol works with you to develop the brand that customers will respond favorably to. So whether you are a professional services company, e-commerce site or retail store and you need to revitalize, enhance or develop a new brand image entirely, you need the branding delivered by Simcol. The supporting materials and components you receive will drive you to success, by promoting brand visibility brand, loyalty and driving online sales.

With Simcol, you get a project manager who will guide you through our branding process, which will create for you, a genuine online presence through our array of tools:

  • Quality website design
  • Engaging Social Media Page designs
  • Professional branded color schemes
  • Custom designed logo and tag line creation
  • Banner static and interactive advertising that compel people to buy or remember your brand
  • Memorable business card design

Why should you use Simcol’s Online Branding service:

  • You need to strengthen your brand
  • You need a real unique identity to separate yourself from your competitors
  • You need brand transparency across all online marketing mediums
  • You don’t have the time or people on staff to manage your brand


Brand Identity

Our Brand identity creation services help brands communicate and present them-selves in multiple ways across media platforms. We strive to develop your Brand’s identity by conveying your company's vision and values to outer world with complete consistency. We give brands new look and feel so that they can get ahead of the competition

Brand Communication

Our brand communication services focus at developing increased corporate value for your organization. With key marketing communication design methods in place, we help you achieve overall branding success. Our communication design ensures that right brand message is delivered to right people at the right time.

Brand Promotion

With established Brand Promotion strategies, we promote and polularize your brand among your target customers. We help corporate to realize their full potential to become super duper entities in the industry they represent. By taking advantage of enhanced digital media formats, we bring your brand at the forefront.

1. Defining Brand Goals :

Our brand management India team starts with defining your business first. They define it by creating a checklist of its core strengths and weaknesses. We put together following to collect the best ideas that influence your branding measures:

  • Core values of your company
  • Understanding the qualities of your services
  • Mission of your company
  • Specialization your company deals in
  • Target market and audience
2. Brand Positioning:

Before embarking on your branding initiatives, we differentiate your brand from your nearest competitors. For doing this, our team creates a unique value proposition in the mind of your consumers that goes beyond branding using colors, logos or other important identity elements. Our brand positioning strategies push your business in a manner that will help consumers see and appreciate the real value of your service. In order to develop a high degree of awareness about business, our brand management services leverage a number of positioning strategies.

  • Quality Positioning
  • Value or Price Positioning
  • Benefit Positioning
  • Competitor-Based Positioning
3. Promoting Your Brand :

This is a better known step in establishing your corporate identity. It illustrates the way in which marketers want their products and services to be represented to outer world. Once we get the clear picture about the brand’s identity, we develop a solid promotional strategy that involves both digital marketing and traditional advertising approaches.

4. Personalizing Your Brand :

Brand personalization deals with giving consumers an opportunity to connect and participate with your service directly. A personalization campaign is said to be successful if it allows consumers to see and experience your brand in its entirety. Our managers encourage consumer-brand interaction by putting their core focus on personalizing products. When branding goes personalized, consumers find a reason to participate and engage with that particular brand.

5. Monitoring Your Brand :

A company goes through transition in its lifetime. There are several events, changes, and circumstances that may develop challenges and opportunities that it faces. Our monitoring team keenly watch on these challenges to improve the viability of your branding initiatives. We continuously review the brand success using metrics like the levels of engagement and brand awareness.

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